Querying Correlation IDs in the Central Admin

I wrote another small solution, but this time it simplifies searching for correlation IDs. The idea is that by using SharePoint’s built-in PowerShell cmdlets, the whole farm can be queried for a correlation id. Feel free to try out a b├Ęta release. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

query correlation id

You can find the project on codeplex: http://sp2010getcorrelation.codeplex.com/.


Simplifying adding farm solutions

I wrote a small solution which simplifies the process of managing farm solutions. SharePoint 2010 already has a management page which can be used to deploy, retract and remove farm solutions. The following solution will add a new category under system settings: “Solutions”, so that farm solutions can be added.

solutions system settings
More details can be found on codeplex: http://sp2010addsolution.codeplex.com/