Querying Correlation IDs in the Central Admin

I wrote another small solution, but this time it simplifies searching for correlation IDs. The idea is that by using SharePoint’s built-in PowerShell cmdlets, the whole farm can be queried for a correlation id. Feel free to try out a bèta release. Ideas and suggestions are always welcome.

query correlation id

You can find the project on codeplex: http://sp2010getcorrelation.codeplex.com/.


7 thoughts on “Querying Correlation IDs in the Central Admin

  1. Hi, thank you for this great tool!

    I try to access this in an enviroment where I only is farm administrator. That mean no local admin or anything. I get this errormessage when trying to search for a corr-id: “Requested registry access is not allowed”.

    What permissions to I need locally to run this?


      1. Hi,

        Sorry for late answer, compared to your quick one! It took some time before we got the service provider to install the updated version…

        I am glad to report that RunWithElevatedPrivileges works — even without rights on the database.

        PS! I have only one minor issue: Can you increase the default end-time by for example 5 minutes? If you get an error and quickly opens your Correlation Id page in CA, the end-time might be before the time of the error. It’s easy to do this manually, but… 😉

        Cato Antonsen

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