Updated SharePoint Query Correlation ID Central Admin Page to 2013

Thanks to Ghislain Lerda, the SharePoint Query Correlation ID Central Admin Page has been migrated to 2013. There’s also a new functionality available on the results page which allows you to export the results to a txt file.

export to txt

export to txt result

The source of the project on CodePlex has been restructured to 2 branches: one for SharePoint 2010 and one for SharePoint 2013. You’ll find future changes for both projects on the same CodePlex site.

You can get the latest at the releases page on CodePlex:

The deployment and configuration of the solution is still the same. Simply install the .wsp on your farm and check the Monitoring category page in central admin. You’ll find a link to the search page there.


3 thoughts on “Updated SharePoint Query Correlation ID Central Admin Page to 2013

    1. I am suffering from the same issue. I swear I had it all working at one point or another, but on our latest SharePoint server build, I get that error. The fix described in the link you posted does not resolve my issue.

      1. Well, I may have just solved my own problem. Based on the information I found in this post: http://www.dotnetmafia.com/blogs/dotnettipoftheday/archive/2012/08/12/new-level-of-trust-in-sharepoint-2013-preview.aspx, I set the “legacyCasModel” property for the web.config of Central Administration to “false”, and it seems to be working now. If you have any other solutions deployed to CA that are using the old Code Access Security model, however, this could be a breaking change, so be careful.

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