SharePoint 2010: PowerShell to Clear the Timer Job Cache

Great script when you need to clear the timer job cache

SharePoint Tips by Nick Hobbs

I have been clearing the Timer Job Cache manually when needed for years. A few months back I looked for a script to do this automatically and ended up writing one since it can be a slow and laborious task to perform on a multi-server SharePoint farm, and I have now finally got around to sharing it here.

The Timer Job Cache may need to be cleared for a number of reasons, however the main ones I have come across are mainly in development environments when redeploying the same or updated solutions repeatedly, where updated assemblies are not used by timer jobs, and also if for example a small development VM runs out of disk space (frugal disk allocation) because of database transaction logs or data files filling up then the timer jobs stop working. I am sure there are several other reasons you might want or need to clear the…

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