SharePoint survey only returns 30 items

While working with surveys and modifying them, I’ve encountered the following issue: When a user uses the “Export to Spreadsheet” function offered by SharePoint, his/hers export will only contain a maximum of 30 items, even if the survey contains more than 30 responses.

The survey list is a special list. It’s impossible to add new views to the survey list, but it’s possible to modify the existing views because all they actually use is the list view web part. You can simply modify an existing view by clicking “Site Actions -> Edit Page”.

When we started working on the survey to alter some behaviour by using jQuery, we didn’t notice any difference at first. However, when a user started using the export functionality, we scratched our heads.

Checking out the source of the overview.aspx page made us much wiser. This is how a correct survey overview.aspx source looks like. We’ve opened up the page with SharePoint designer and switched to code view:

edit in advanced mode

correct survey view

Then we looked at our “corrupt” survey’s overview.aspx:

corrupt list view source

When you check the ListViewXml from the “bad” source, you’ll find a xml tag “RowLimit” set to 30. This is a standard value, but apparently the “corrupt” list view uses it to export all the results to excel. When you update this value to a higher number, the results will flow back in perfectly.

Similar problems have been reported on the following blog:


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