Community Day 2012 – I’m a speaker

ComDay2012-imaspeakerThe Belgian community is organizing the 6th edition of Community Day! Community Day 2012 will take place on June 21st 2012 in Utopolis Mechelen. Thanks to the sponsors, Community Day 2012 is a FREE event! I’ll be speaking about future SharePoint development.

During the last years, we notice that all kind of cloud services are taking off. Next to the Infrastructure and Platform as a Service, we also have Software as a Service with specifically for SharePoint: Office 365 and SharePoint Online. While having deployed multiple solutions to the (Private as well as Public) cloud, Devoteam noticed that many of the (commercial and custom developed) solutions, are not ready for cloud deployment. Devoteam already assisted multiple customers in adapting their SharePoint solution for this migration. An even better solution would be that by design the software is ready for all platforms, also those you only will use in the future.
This session will cover many of the discovered problems and will demonstrate how to overcome them. At the end of the session, you will notice that, without extra investments, it is possible to develop solutions that deploy on a private farm as well as into the cloud when respecting only a few design rules.


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