Updating a list item field using its internal name

While looking up examples of eventreceivers for updating list item fields, I noticed a high usage of display names. List fields were often referenced using their display name, like:

properties.ListItem["Title"] = "something";

It works, but, when there are multiple languages used on the SharePoint site, it might get broken. A solution to this is using the internal field name. This can be obtained by GetFieldByInternalName(). By using the internal field name, SharePoint will never be confused by changes. Imagine someone changing the name of a column and breaking your code. That’s not good. The internal field name will always stay the same, unless someone changes it programmatically of course 😉

I used the following code snippet to add text to the title of a list item:

       public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties)
           Guid oId = properties.ListItem.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName("Title").Id;
           properties.ListItem[oId] += " and something added to the title field";

Finding the internal field name is pretty simple. By using Visual Studio 2010’s server explorer, we can access almost all the information of our SharePoint site.

Open up the Server Explorer by going to view and clicking the Server Explorer:

open server explorer

With the Server Explorer view open click on the Add SharePoint Connection button and add your site:

add sharepoint connection

Now we have access to our site properties within Visual Studio 2010. Please note that everything here is read only.

Expand the Explorer View to a desired list field and click on it:

server explorer expanded

The Properties window will now show the associated properties of the field. Here we can find back the internal field name:

list field properties

Other useful information like the GUID of the field can also be found here.


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